Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Do you need a hand? Too bad, I'll watch instead.

Let me start off by saying I am not really "into" women's lib and all that left-wing B.S.  That being said, I do think that women should be paid equal to men, that the males of the world should spend as much time cleaning our homes as we do, and that it's okay if a woman chooses to go back to work after a baby while her hubby stays home.  I understand females want to be treated as equals - heck yes we do. 

However, I do feel as though the saying "being treated as equals" has somehow cancelled out common courtesy where humanity is concerned.

This morning, while I work, I realized I had left a large game board out on the floor from a weekend promotion.  No biggie - I'm strong and more than capable of moving it back in.  However, having not been the one that moved it out in the first place, I didn't realize it was made of solid wood and wasn't exactly an "easy" piece to move.  Alas, I do my best wearing 5 inch heels, a satin top and work shorts.  Fine, I have no issue with this.

But this is what really got my goat.

One of our MALE security guards walks by.  Walks back.  Stands in front of me and watches.  Doesn't even ASK if he can help.  I am literally walking 2 inches at a time, shuffling along, trying to carry this huge wood board, and he watches.  Stops dead in his tracks and watches.

And then, once I dragged this board the 50 feet by him (while he continued to watch) - I had to carry it down a flight of stairs.  Of which he stood at the top of, and watched.

What on Earth is wrong with humanity?  Female or male, high heels or flats, jogging pants or a suit - is it wrong of me to think you should always ask a fellow human if they need assistance?  Particularly if it is obvious they are in dire need of an extra hand?

This isn't even me hate bashing on men - this is me hate bashing on civilization.

Friday, June 17, 2011

What Did You Expect?

I have been formulating this blog post for weeks in my mind.  Weeks.  However, out of respect for my city I chose to hold off on posting it.  Little did I know that the reality of the past 48 hours would only underscore the commentary I am about to have.

I hate hockey.  I hate it.  For a multitude of reasons. 

I find it boring.  Skate to one end of the ice.  Skate to the other.  Skate back.  Stop.  Skate to the other end. Zzzzzz...

I feel that the corporation of hockey is greedy - $250 for a ticket to a game?  And then another $200 to buy a jersey with your favourite players name on the back?  You're wearing a jersey with the logo for gawd's sake - that's free advertising - yet you're still gauging people right in the wallet to support you?  Come on.  This greediness has hurt my business immensely - on game nights our revenues are down significantly.  I can market til the cows come home, but when there's no money in the marketplace for the public to spend, how will I ever succeed?

But the main reason I hate hockey is that it is unbearably violent.  In my previous post I mentioned my heartache regarding violence used as entertainment - I do not think there is any place that the use of violence is more prevalent, than during a major league hockey game. 

I will say, I generally do not watch hockey - ever.  For the reasons stated above.  But due to the playoffs and my home team being involved, I thought I'd try to sit through a game two weeks ago.  It lasted 10 minutes.  Within that timeframe, two players started beating the absolutely crap out of one another - it was truly disgusting.  There's families at home, with young children, who are learning that violence is accepted?  And what did he crowd inside the arena do?  They cheered - people got up and started smiling and pounding on the glass like they had won the lotto.  Since when is punching someone, biting them, kicking them a tolerated way to communicate?

Next time my assistant does something to bother me, maybe I'll smack her in the face and rip out a patch of hair.  Yes, that's the way to communicate.

The images in the next day's newspaper were of fighting.  Everyone thought that was excellent.  I think everyone needs to give their heads a shake. 

We were glorifying violence in the most obvious way possible.

As we all know, after Vancouver's loss the city was filled with rioters and looters.  The majority of them young men in their late teens and early twenties.  While I wonder where their parents are, I can't help but think, if they don't have a solid parent to have taught them from a young age that violence is not acceptable, how would they know any different?  Don't get me wrong, I think those young men were vile, disgusting, heartless idiots who all deserve to be fined, thrown in jail, sentence to community service, etc.  But I am making the point, that for months on end we glorified violence and the unimportance of life.

No one seems to be talking about the hockey game these days - they're talking about the violence.  For weeks those around me condemned my thoughts on fighting during hockey games - guess I wasn't so far off in the end, was I?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Isn't Reality Violent Enough?

BLOGGERS NOTE:  I know, I know - I have not been writing at all lately. It's not because I'm not inspired, or because I have lost all of my opinion - it's because my laptop has died a horrific death.  Well, not really - my monitor just stopped working. Completely and utterly gone black.  So I've been sans computer for almost a month. This blogpost has been brought to you by Jared's laptop  - which by the way is in almost as bad of a condition as mine - we better both get ready to purchase new computers...

Summer blockbuster season is here at the movie theatres - which is something I've never really understood.  All winter the cinema's show snoozeworthy films (well maybe not snoozeworthy, but more intellectual films.  IE - the Oscar-nominated movies), which is great...but I don't think I'm the only one who waits for these slower, more dramatic bad boys to come out on dvd or Video on Demand, right?  Who wants to spend $20 to see a movie with no special effects, no crazy sound or soundtrack, on a giant screen; when you can get the same thing at home in comfort of your own living room?

Then the summer rolls around (and if you live in a city like Vancouver, we only really get 2-3 months of beautiful glorious weather, where we want to be outside and soak in the Vitamin D as much as humanly possible), and THEN the big films hit the theatre where it's dark, and sans-sun-exposure?  I don't get it. Regardless, this is the way it goes...

Jared is most interested in going to see the new Pirates of the Carribean movie - okay, fair - I said I'd go with him (mostly because he came to see Bridesmaids with me a few weeks ago - HILARIOUS, I might add). Although for some reason, I remember I didn't like the last Pirates movie, but I could not remember exactly why.

I remember...

Last night we watched the last film on DVD.  Within the first five minutes we saw multiple deaths - stabbing, shootings, poisonings,and of course there's the image of a female seductress getting shot between the eyes - blood and gore and all.  Is this not a Disney film?  I was truly disgusted and uncomfortable watching this film.

Open up a newspaper today.  Read what's going on in the world.

Yes, we are extremely lucky to live in North America, which compared to the rest of the world is an extremely peaceful and safe place.  But flip to the international pages of the Sun or Province and read what's happening - it's reality.  Violence, shootings, bombings, suicide, inhumane treatment of life... this is the reality of what our brothers and sisters live in everyday just one continent away.  Yet, our theatres glamorize this lifestyle and show it as a source of entertainment?

To me at least, Pirates of the Carribean is a family movie, I mean at Disneyland it is one of the most family friendly rides you can go on.  I remember being a little girl and it was the only ride at Disney my Mom would actually go on.  It was safe, it was fun - it was thrilling.  There were no images of humans being hung to their deaths and being shot through the forehead?

I will say, I told Jared he will have to find someone else to go to see this movie with.  While Bridesmaids was raunchy, there was no imagery of the glamourization of death.  So to Kristen Wiig (writer of the girl flick, I say "kudos") and to Disney I must admit my shame on you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hey Government...screw you!

I haven't blogged for awhile - I haven't really felt that oomph of passion I need to write something that really means anything to me.  I've got to have that gusto in my brain, to make something even remotely interesting pour through my fingertips.

Well I've got gusto now baby - I've also got passion... not that good, lively awesome passion, but an angry, fiery, irritated passion. 

A passion I will be channeling in a little something called "Screw You Government".

I work two jobs - I'm not a lazy person.  I've worked since I was 16 years old, always with a strategic plan to move my life forward in a positive way, that will allow me to afford the better things in life.  As my blog has stated in the past, I've never had any misconceptions about wanting children - I don't want them.  I also dont have much interest (right now at least) in playing big dollars on the stock market, or driving a fancy car around town.  I do want to enjoy my life:  invest wisely in Real Estate and my RSP's, while wearing clothes I adore, eating at fantastic restaurants and travelling the world.

So I work.  Hard.

Last year I received some financial accolades for a job well done; very rewarding I  might add.  Although that reward was torn from me this week, when I received my completed taxes back from my accountant.  I owe the govenment:  not a little... but A LOT.  A substantial amount of money.  Money of which essentially needs to appear from thin air, as any extra money I have, I put against my Line of Credit, into Savings, or spend on fancy shoes (listen, life is better in good heels, okay???)

Now this is what pisses me off royal:  I went back and looked at the tax that had already been taken off of my paycheques this year:  I paid (before this most recent set of taxes) almost one quarter of my annual salary to the government.  A QUARTER!  How, on Earth, can I actually have to pay them MORE?

And I'm so sick of people saying "the more you make, the more you give to the government". You know, that's not really a sound explanation to me.

In January, my Grandmother passed away in the hospital.  The Health System was an absolute disgrace to her in her final weeks.  There were not enough nurses to assist her in her illness to help her to the washroom, so they just let her soil herself.  It was awful and one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, listening to her talk in those weeks.  And now, after going through that, and me giving them a quarter of a years salary, they can't do anything to repair the disarray with our healthcare?  Trust me, a quarter of my salary for a year could afford a part-time caregiver in a hospital.

Yet instead of assisting other patients (and families) in need in our broken system, we are having another Federal Election?  Are my tax dollars going into the funding that is supporting this waste-of-time election?  Absolutely they are.  If you look around the world right now, we are pretty lucky to live in Canada - while other countries are falling apart at the seams (Egypt, Libya, Iran, etc), we are looking pretty good here (at least on a political scale).  So why not take the actual dollars, on top of the manpower, to actually contribute something needed to our society and country?

I truly would like to know where my hard earned money is going?  It's certainly not going to Healthcare, or Education for that matter.  And have you had an opportunity to pick up a newspaper and catch up on the scum our judicial system is letting roam free in our neighbourhoods?  It's obviously not going to our court system either.

And I don't have a choice - I pay them the additional thousands of dollars they want, or I get the debt collectors after me.  The way I look at it, the party that is in debt right now is our greedy government.  In this case "debt" is not being defined in a financial matter, but as it is in the dictionary "something that is owed", and I think our government owes us an explanation as to the pathetic state of some of our most important issues. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Winning For Me.

As previously discussed on this blog, I love to shop. 

Some people channel their creative energy through writing or poetry, dancing or drawing, Jared loves to channel his in the kitchen whipping all sorts of culinary treats.  But for me, nothing gets my brain going and my energy flowing, like putting together textures and colours, fabrics and fittings, like fashion and shopping.

I even love going to the mall just to see how the visual departments put together the mannequins; I love it when I see a beautiful new touch to an outfit that I would never have thought of.  And being that I love to shop so much, I generally have a way to make these things work, within my own closet.

But there is one thing, one place that is just against all my shopping practices:  Winners.  Even just writing the name makes my heart feel sad and my skin feel icky.  Now, before I go into all the reasons I personally hate Winners - I will say most of the people in my life have some killer clothes from there.  Jared gets some great belts and shirts from there; and my girlfriend Adrienne was rocking an adorable top from there on Friday night. 

Last Monday, Jared wanted to stop into Winners to look around.  A)  I never stop at Winners.  B)  I never poke around at Winners.  When I walk into that store it just makes me angry.  Angry!  It's a mess!  And nothing ever seems to be "put away".  There are no mannequins perfectly dressed to showcase their new stock; and there's no colour coordination as to where things are hung.  Purses are in one portion of the store, shoes are in another - then there's the mishmash of perfumes and hats.  Walking around that place is like a workout; no thanks - that's why I have a membership to She's Fit.

When I shop - I shop for the experience of it.  I love going into a store and being helped.  There is nothing like shopping at Betsey and coming out of the room - they do up your zippers, they bring you shoes in your size, they show you a minimum of two other ways you could wear the dress. 

But I don't just shop at boutiques like Betsey (hello - I have a mortagage, car payment and bills, you know?).  I also love to shop at Forever 21, H&M, hell, I even love to poke around at Suzy Shier - they've got some cute stuff, especially when they're displaying it on a mannequin.  It's just fun.

Yes, I realize you can find some amazing name brand pieces at Winners.  Which is what I REALLY don't understand... when we were there on Monday, I saw a beautiful white Versace dress.  The fabric was satin, the stitching was impeccable... but it was hanging on a plastic hanger, in a big heap of $14 dresses.  Seriously?  If I'm buying Versace (which sadly I have not had the pleasure of doing at this point in my life), I'm buying it for the experience.  I can only imagine trying it on in a beautiful change room, while Jared has a glass of bubbly, they'd bring me shoes and hold up my hair and when I went to buy it; they'd wrap it up in beautiful tissue paper, and ensure I've got a garment bag to store it properly.

If I bought it at Winners, I'd try it on in a messy change room, with no service, and carry it home in a white grocery bag.  I even hear when you go to the changing room they give you a tag based on the number of clothing items you have so you don't steal anything.  Wow.  There's an experience I'm in no hurry to try:  they're treating you like a criminal?? 

So while some of my friends rock they're cute jeans and adorable T's knowing they got a killer deal on them, I'll be rocking probably the same thing, but at least I know I had a killer experience.

Monday, March 21, 2011

“Disappointments are to the soul what the thunder-storm is to the air”

Having spent a good decade in the public eye (having been on the radio and now on horseracing television) I have been called plenty of things.  A lot of which have not been good.

Funny enough, I can remember most of them... some all time favourites:
- babbyling barfbag
- stupid
- idiotic
- useless

Oh and then there's been so doozy comments as well, my all-time faves being that I slept my way to my job(s)... because clearly I didn't get to where I am on my own merits. 

I generally take these comments as a compliment - anyone who's in media knows they haven't made it until they've been slammed on a public internet forum for the world to see.  I think it's similar to a star being featured in Fashion Police - it's like a hazing, when you know you've finally made it!

Generally these comments bother me for an hour or two, I have a little piss-off and then get on with my life (because let's be honest, if these people were so awesome they'd be DOING what I'm doing, not WRITING about it, right?)

But yesterday something happened, that bothered me so deeply I was upset the entire day - close to tears even thinking about it.  Something that bothered me on a level I am not used to feeling... my parents told me they were "disappointed" in me.

No words have ever hurt so deeply.

Anyone who knows me, or has read this blog, or my facebook page, know that they are the two most important people in life (along with Jared), and that I would do practically anything they asked of me. 

I told my father last week, that I would do his Sunday morning run with him.  He's training for his first ever Sun Run10km and I'm so proud of him.  But I also told him, Sunday is my only day off, so I would not be setting my alarm and I'd call him when I woke up.  Well, I slept in.  Slept in-in. Like 1030am slept-in.  I haven't slept until 1030am in years... I just don't.  I love to be up early, go to the gym, have my coffee and feel like the whole city is mine... but I have been exhausted lately.  I am practically working 3 full time jobs, and the amount of pressure that has been put on me (mostly by myself, but certainly a bit from the corporation) is like nothing I've ever felt before.  So I guess the week just caught up with me and I slept.

The second I looked at my clock I lost it!  And picked up the phone immediately... he was already gone and I was told they were disappointed in me and that I let them down.  I hate letting people down - well, I hate letting people I love and respect down. 

I apologized profusely and will most likely beat myself up over this for the next few days - and I'll also try to justify it to myself.  Should I have set my alarm?  Am I a total letdown?  How could I have hurt my parents, who do nothing but support and love me?

There's one thing I know for sure - I'd rather be called a "babbyling barfbag" anyday.

Monday, March 7, 2011

For the Love of Pants...

...I love clothes.  No no, I LOVE clothes.  They are just about my favourite thing in the world (well, material speaking).

I love blouses, I love pants, I love skirts, dresses, shoes, hats, rings... it's really a sickness.  So this is what I don't understand, why are the celebrities of today not wearing any?

I'm also a fan of working out.  I love the feeling of adrenaline running through my veins after a killer run or a kick ass weight lifting session.  I also adore the way my body looks and feels after a series of great workouts (and healthy eating, of course).

However, no matter how "good" my body may look, I still like to wear clothes.

Now this is where I get lost - is there something in the water in Hollywood that has made some of our favourite ladies lose track of their desire for fashion, in their need to show off their taut bodies?

The other day I was running on the treadmill, grooving along to MuchMoreMusic (yes, I'm lucky enough to work out at one of those gyms with tv's on every machine - loves it), and I watched videos from Britney - wearing her bra and panties, Ke$ha wearing a T-Shirt and not much else, the Pussycat Dolls who are famous for their lingerie clad dancing, and Gaga wearing nothing but her brassiere and undies (and flats, which is wrong in itself - please find some stiletto's for this woman).  Why can't these women afford any clothes?

I am not a prude - not even slightly.  I can appreciate a sexy woman just as much as I can appreciate a sexy man.  And I love looking at pretty people and showing off their amazing bodies - in my workout magazines.  While I do occassionally go out with a peek of my midriff showing (a peek - not a display), or a backless top, I would never consider going out without my pants!!!

And why is it Hollywood women are considering being half (okay almost-completely) naked "sexy".  I once went to work in a turtleneck and black bootleg pants, and a woman stopped me and said "wow, that's a very sexy outfit for work don't you think?"  Sexy is how you feel in your clothes, and that feeling that emanates from that attitude - that is the accessory to your outfit - showing your skivvies underneath are not.

I have dresses upon dresses in my closet - probably more than some small boutiques in Downtown Vancouver; and while I'm hardly the size 0 of Lady Gaga, I'd be more than happy to introduce her to my seamstress for alterations.  Perhaps these woman need to find out just how sexy you can be in a Betsey Johnson dress: frills, crinoline and a good attitude go a long way in being sexy - and a little treat of lace and satin can be your own little private sexy secret, underneath.