Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Do you need a hand? Too bad, I'll watch instead.

Let me start off by saying I am not really "into" women's lib and all that left-wing B.S.  That being said, I do think that women should be paid equal to men, that the males of the world should spend as much time cleaning our homes as we do, and that it's okay if a woman chooses to go back to work after a baby while her hubby stays home.  I understand females want to be treated as equals - heck yes we do. 

However, I do feel as though the saying "being treated as equals" has somehow cancelled out common courtesy where humanity is concerned.

This morning, while I work, I realized I had left a large game board out on the floor from a weekend promotion.  No biggie - I'm strong and more than capable of moving it back in.  However, having not been the one that moved it out in the first place, I didn't realize it was made of solid wood and wasn't exactly an "easy" piece to move.  Alas, I do my best wearing 5 inch heels, a satin top and work shorts.  Fine, I have no issue with this.

But this is what really got my goat.

One of our MALE security guards walks by.  Walks back.  Stands in front of me and watches.  Doesn't even ASK if he can help.  I am literally walking 2 inches at a time, shuffling along, trying to carry this huge wood board, and he watches.  Stops dead in his tracks and watches.

And then, once I dragged this board the 50 feet by him (while he continued to watch) - I had to carry it down a flight of stairs.  Of which he stood at the top of, and watched.

What on Earth is wrong with humanity?  Female or male, high heels or flats, jogging pants or a suit - is it wrong of me to think you should always ask a fellow human if they need assistance?  Particularly if it is obvious they are in dire need of an extra hand?

This isn't even me hate bashing on men - this is me hate bashing on civilization.

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